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We aim for authentic, thoughtful connections with our customers and teammates. We understand that some things can’t be automated: that at a thriving company’s core, are the values and people that drive those connections. We set the bar high for all that we do. Transformation isn’t always easy, but with the right partner, it’s always worth it.


To be the premier higher education solutions partner for Workday.

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Our team is more powerful than our individuals. We share common goals. We rely on and trust one another. We value equality and diversity. We hire people for who they are in addition to what they know.


Customer Focused

All decisions we make have our customers in mind. We aspire to establish long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Successful outcomes are more important to us than time and dollars.



We believe in challenging the status quo. We live for finding innovative ways to do tired tasks, for taking a fresh look at a stalled process. We are imaginative and disruptive in well-behaved ways.



We get the job done. We are relentless in the pursuit of success as defined by our customers. We embrace a tough challenge, and we never give up.



We are genuine toward each other, our customers, our mission and our values. We will always tell you the truth. And if we make a mistake, we will own it, learn from it, and then fix it.

Alchemy Leadership

With decades of experience in business software, higher education technology, team building, and leadership, our founders know what it takes to cultivate a fun, values-based, people-centric company.

As Founder and Co-CEO, Mike oversees the company’s operations. His entrepreneurial spirit, leadership instincts, and enthusiasm bring an exciting and motivating energy to Alchemy. (Read More)
As Co-CEO, Peter is an experienced leader who builds successful teams and delivers results for colleges and universities across the country. (Read More)
Wendy oversees professional services, finance, legal, and operations and is committed to exceptional service while supporting scalable growth. (Read More)

Founder, Co-CEO


Founder, Co-CEO


VP, Services

VP, Delivery

When people are motivated and passionate about what they do, and when employees are happily engaged in a vibrant and rewarding company culture, Heather is satisfied.  (Read More)
Jennifer knows all about bringing Workday to Higher Ed. She brings more than 20 years of experience to Alchemy as the Vice President of Services. (Read More)
Jackie is an experienced consulting services practitioner with expertise in technology and software implementation both domestically and globally.  (Read More)

VP, Sales & Success

VP, Production Services


VP, Services

VP, Delivery

Derek starts every day thinking about how customer campuses can achieve a higher level of productivity and success with their Workday deployments.  (Read More)
Jen is focused on the lifecycle of our Alchemy customers from deployment to production services. (Read More)
As the VP of Sales & Marketing, Tamer brings 11+ years of experience with Workday, including four years with a Higher Ed focus at Alchemy and Accenture.  (Read More)

VP, Sales & Success

VP, Production Services

VP, Sales & Marketing

VP, Sales & Marketing