Erin Ince, Alchemey Talent Acquisition Expert

8 Things to Know About Erin Ince, Alchemy Talent Acquisition Expert

What drew you to Alchemy?
In my previous role at Workday, I had the opportunity to support the recruiting efforts of the Higher Education organization. I loved every minute of it. The excitement for the highly anticipated launch of Workday Student was palpable. I jumped at the chance to join Alchemy and be a part of building a team that would implement this revolutionary product. I also wanted to be with an organization that had a clear vision of their mission—higher education and Workday. This niche focus will enable Alchemy to become the master of our craft.

How would you describe your job to a child? 
Helping people find the job they WANT, versus the job they NEED.

What do you think are the three coolest things about Alchemy? 
Culture. Innovation. Expertise.

Name two qualities or behaviors that cross a job candidate off your list.  

  1. The old adage…there is no “I” in team. We all have individual achievements, but I also want to hear how you have successfully collaborated with your team. Teammates is one of Alchemy’s Core Values—and I am listening for examples.
  2. Negativity and begrudging tell me a lot about how a candidate approaches challenges. I like to hear about creative problem solving. Share with me why you are searching for your next role—what you desire versus what you are wanting to get away from in your current situation.

Describe yourself when you were 15.
Big hair. Soccer player. Wanted to be a talk-show host. I have always loved learning about people, their stories, what makes them tick—it’s not a stretch I became a recruiter!

Any brushes with fame?
After joining Adidas Soccer following college, a soccer sandal was named after my college nickname, the “EMAC”. Don’t look too hard to find a pair…they went straight to closeout!

What game show would you fare best on?
Jeopardy—if it was Candidate Jeopardy. I have an uncanny memory for individual facts about folks, which I affectionately refer to as “the vault”.

What is on your playlist right now?
Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, Alessia Cara, Pink…similar to any tween girl, but I realize it and totally own it!

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