Jonathan Zaretsky, Alchemy Project Manager

7 Things to know about Jonathan Zaretsky, Alchemy Project Manager

What does Alchemy do differently than other places you’ve worked?
Everywhere I’ve worked has been setup as a functional organization (also known as a basic hierarchical structure or standard pyramid). At Alchemy, even though we have various titles such as project manager, consultant, or chief executive officer, we all have an equal voice at the table where everyone feels comfortable to voice their opinion—and feels that their opinion matters.

What activity or aspect of your job is your favorite?
My favorite aspect of my job is being able to inspire and motivate a team to accomplish what some might deem impossible tasks.

Describe yourself when you were 15.
Anyone who knew me when I was 15 would have described me as a tech geek. Back then, I was involved as a “techie” for my high school theatre. I was also into computer coding, building, and gaming.

Other than your cell phone, computer, or tablet, what are your current three favorite technologies or apps and why?

  • Apple Watch: The Apple Watch makes the top of my list because it always keeps me active and connected, even when I may not have access to my cellphone.
  • Sous Vide: Many people have never heard about a Sous Vide, but it is an amazing cooking device that will ensure your steaks are always cooked to the perfect temperature.
  • Smart Home Technology: I tried to narrow down to just one smart home technology, but I couldn’t due to just too many great technologies on the market. I absolutely enjoy automating my home, from having my lights automatically turning on when I arrive home to having my lights change color to match the television show or movie we are watching.

Who is the most interesting person in your family tree?
The most interesting person in my family tree is my grandma. At 96 years young, she stays in tune with technology by using her iPhone and iPad daily. She is your typical New York Jewish grandma who doesn’t let anything get by her.

How many emails are in your Inbox right now?
19. I make it a goal to utilize folders in Outlook to organize and structure my Inbox, and I make sure to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?
Although the craziest thing I have ever done in my life may not seem that crazy to others, it certainly was to me. A couple years ago, while on our first family vacation with my in-laws in Utah, we decided to go on a hot air balloon ride—despite my acrophobia. At the end of that ride, the hot air balloon ran out of fuel and crashed. Nobody was harmed, but right before the crash, my family (including my then-fiancé) was asked to leave the balloon and help pull it along with ropes because the air had become still—and they needed to get us out of the restricted area we were hovering over!

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