"Write what you know."

— Mark Twain

The Secrets of Reno

On March 1, Alchemy will participate in a career fair at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) College of Business about 10 minutes from our headquarters. We’ve already hired nine graduates from UNR, and we’re excited to meet our next wave of potential employees from a school and city we appreciate and treasure.

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Hiring Beyond the Obvious

One of the guiding principles at Alchemy is to embrace new perspectives as we look at everything we do to build the company. This includes how we determine whom we should hire—especially in a highly competitive market. One question that was posed to me early on was, “Do you think we can hire people from outside

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Alchemist Spotlight: Bob Montoya

Bob Montoya, Alchemy Senior Educator 8 Things to Know About Bob Montoya, Alchemy Senior Educator What drew you to Alchemy? The opportunity to (1) be part of the foundation of a new and exciting effort to leverage the Workday Student product and...

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Fresh Outta College: The Tales of Joining a Startup

The decision to join a startup is a huge leap for any individual, no matter what point in their career they may be in. While startups offer much room for growth and success, they also come with uncertainty. What are plans for growth? How will success be measured?

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Core Value Spotlight: Teammates

Alchemy’s core values  define who we are and how we do business. In our early days, we spent as much time defining our core values as we did developing our business plan. We wanted to build a company from the ground up that is unique and motivating, and that centers

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Engaging the Next-Generation Workforce

A few weeks ago, I headed up to Pullman, Washington, for my third-annual Washington State University Dad’s Weekend. Two of my kids attend Wazzu, so Dad’s Weekend is double the fun. An epic event and amazing time, especially when the Cougars win (which they did).

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