By Bill Wilson, Co-Founder and EVP of Talent Development

Alchemy’s core values  define who we are and how we do business. In our early days, we spent as much time defining our core values as we did developing our business plan. We wanted to build a company from the ground up that is unique and motivating, and that centers around great people—both fellow Alchemists and customers . Today, I’d like to share with you our first core value: Teammates

When I walk through our offices in Reno and Pleasanton, I see my teammates collaborating on Workday Student deployment projects, building innovative tools, sharing new ideas, and enjoying an environment that is fun and challenging. They support each other, labor together, communicate frankly, and focus on collective goals. Individuals often do extra work to assist other teammates in accomplishing goals. I also see my teammates switching between leading and following, and being agile in different roles. The willingness to fill any role the team needs is a hallmark of a great team player.

Being an excellent teammate also means tackling difficult goals as a group that no one person could accomplish alone—big, woolly, audacious, mountain-high goals. With this comes trust—that your teammates have your back 100 percent and that everyone is honest with each other when the time comes for feedback. In other words, trust flows in both directions.

Teams also tend to come up with more creative solutions when brainstorming and taking risks together. Cohesive teams win much more often than they lose. And everybody usually has fun when they’re winning.

Finally, we want to be outstanding teammates for our customers. This starts with looking at our alliance as more than a client-vendor relationship, putting ourselves in their shoes, and committing to the common goal of achieving fluency with their Workday investment. We don’t settle for mediocrity, and we train diligently for the opportunity to prove that together, we can accomplish far more than any one of us could imagine alone.

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