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Are You Ready to Join the “A” Team?

Ready to step up to the best? Alchemy is building a passionate, collaborative team of experts that’s transforming higher education. If this sounds like you, join us!

Why Alchemy?

By definition, alchemy is a change in state to something of greater value. It’s taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. This is what we achieve for our customers. This is Alchemy.


We’re Fair, We Reward, and We’re Competitive.

We are an equal pay workplace with market competitive compensation packages. Our benefits package offers all the perks you’d expect from a conscientious, forward-thinking  technology company: medical/dental/vision coverage, prescription drug plan, unlimited paid time off, retirement, paid parental leave, paid Workday certification training, and so forth. Plus, work where you feel comfortable in a remote/virtual environment!


Workplace Recognition.

We have been recognized for large awards like Great Place to Work®, the Best Places to Work in Northern Nevada, Forbes Best Start Up, and a NCET Tech Startup of the Year. Alchemy believes in strong teams, a shared purpose, and an imaginative mindset – making it a great place to explore your potential.


We’re Aces at Collaboration.

All Alchemy Teammates enjoy the freedom of remote work and the efficiency of cutting-edge collaboration tools such as Workday and Slack. Work from anywhere, enjoy a healthy work-life balance, and contribute to something BIG.

Why I Chose Alchemy:

“If you’re in the Workday consulting ecosystem, Alchemy is one of the best partners to work for. The small company feel creates an environment where individuals can openly showcase their abilities and be recognized. Yet, there is still a culture of collaboration where coworkers will happily step in to help in any way possible at almost any time.”

– Alchemist Teammate


We Care About More Than Work.

From Alchemy Animals to Wellness Wednesday to community service, we’re interested in more than just the bottom line.


Alchemists Have Fun.

Alchemists Have Fun. From our “This is Alchemy Territory” travelogue to our team and family events, we embrace our strong culture.

Aspire to be an Alchemist!

We’d love to have you join our team!